Is my car insurance company fleecing me because of my convictions!?

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If you are looking for car insurance, and you have motoring convictions, then you will know that insurance companies LOVE to charge you more – but why? Of course, no car insurance company will give you a discount for having motoring convictions, but why charge you more? Well, from an Underwriting point of view, it could be said that you represent a higher risk to an insurance company owing to the fact that you have a motoring conviction, but what about if you have a single endorsement for a minor offence, such as an SP30? (Speeding).

You will find on average, that an insurance company will charge you an extra £50 for a single endorsement (such as an SP30 / TS10 / CU80) which is expensive, but isn’t too bad. However, if whilst driving your car, you get done for the same offence twice, then the insurance company will read this as you are perhaps not learning from the error of your ways, and that perhaps the reason you have not had a claim could be because you are just lucky! This is why your car insurance will steadily increase with each motoring conviction that you get.

The thing is, insurance companies know that it’s impossible to hide from all cameras and Police Officers, and that there are times when slightly creeping over the speed limit could be justified (for example, at 3am in the morning when you are doing 75MPH in a 70MPH). The key is to find an insurance company that will look at you as an individual, and not as just a ‘risk’. This is hard though, as the internet has pushed people away from talking to customers BEFORE they buy their car insurance. However, as an example, I have a friend who is a Police Officer and this Police Officer unfortunately got done for driving without insurance (IN10). The thing is, my friends’ insurance company had cancelled his insurance as they had not listened to the fact that the direct debit HAD to be taken out on a certain date. The problem with an IN10, is that it is an ‘absolute offence’ – which is to say, that the moment you drive your motor vehicle on a public road, then the offence is committed – regardless of the reason.

I had mentioned to my friend about a company I had heard of called ‘Key Worker Insure’. This company seem to take into account individual circumstances behind all sorts of eventualities, such as claims and convictions. Last time I spoke to my friend, they seemed to be able to have offered him his best quote for the insurance for his vehicle, even with the motoring conviction.

And this is partly the key to ensuring that you are able to not get charged over the odds for your car insurance even with a motoring conviction. i.e.  take the time to find an insurance company where you can talk to key decisions makers about your circumstances. Although 90% of insurance companies really don’t care about your story, the remaining 10% genuinely do, and its these insurance companies who will end up saving you money on your car insurance, whereas everyone else will charge you as much as possible!

Article by John Tansley of Insurance Over a Grand specialist high risk car insurance providers